The mixture of both hemp and lime is the insulation that holds all the qualities.

The hemp and lime insulation is entirely natural, It's resistance to fire, to compacting, to vermin and to mold makes it the most durable insulating material of all.


Hemp insulation = comfort insulation

A regulator wall, this is the secret of confort. The hemp and lime wall mass makes it a thermal regulator, witch stores and redistribute energy. It's porosity allows for its insulating and perspiring qualities. Because it allows gaseous exchanges, hemp and lime insulation is an excellent humidity regulator while creating an overall confort in any season. Also treat yourself to phonic confort, a soft atmosphere with a soundproof material.


For new constructions and building restorations

The building's entire external envelope can be insulated with hemp and lime.


The Hemp Bloc is the pre-modlded and pre-dried form ofhemp formwork. There is nothing as simple as bloc walls. Here is the efficient solution to floor, outside and inside wall construction and insulation. A wall can be entirely built using hemp blocs or an existing wall can be lined. Available in four different widths.


A big and light bloc of standardized dimension is installed with great ease. A team of two can quickly mount a house wall. The blocs's width does not influence the work's progress. The laying process is performed using thi joints of lime mortar. A dryind period of only a month is needed between the installation and th finishing.


The cast in place hempcrete follows the ancient Roman concrete recipe to which we add an insulating vegetal granule, the chenevotte hemp. It is a mortar which is so light that it insulates. The framing of all type, is wrapped in a mixture of hemp and lime, forming one uniform bloc. Therefore thermal bridges and energy losses are avoided; a wall without weaknesses. The house is molded on site according to the desired form and style (right angles, contemporary lines, vaults, arches, curved forms).


Building a wall in three simple steps, inspired by the living: a wooden skeleton, a body made of hemp an a lime-finishing envelope". In a rhythmic and harmonuous effort, mixed on site, the mix is poured in the formwork to simultaneously raise all the building's walls. The progression varies based on the wall's thickness and the building's dimensions. Six people share the hempcrete responsibilities of preparation, handling, tamping and formwork moving. A minimum drying period of two months separates the process of hemp formwork from applying lime wash.



Hemp coating is the most versatile and most spectacular material. It is an insulating, a soundproofing and a decorative coating. It has multiple purposes for new constructions and it is a first class material for ancient building restorations: ideal for insulating every type of ancestral houses. It can even be used both as an insulating and a finishing product.


When it is being prepared, the hemp and lime coating smells good and it has a beautiful look, reminiscing of a cake mix. When it is being used, the hemp and lime coating hardens slowly taking the form and texture the craftsman gives it. One dry, is is solid and sounds hollow. It is applied using a trowel or gloves depending on the surface it is applied against: a wall made of wooden slats stones, bricks, hemp formwork or a concrete foundation. The dryinf time between applying both the hemp-based coating and the lime-based finish depends on the thickness (between 5/8" and 3 1/2") and atmospheric conditions.

Stabilized hemp

Lime-based stabilized hemp is a bulk insulator. It is a natural and durable alternative to any "filling" type insulation: such as roofing insulation.


The stabilized hemp mix fuses to the hempcrete wall to become its lightweight extention, which will serve as roofing insulation. The same team which performs the wall formwork, performs the roofing insulation in a fraction of the time.