These materials are used since the dawn of time and are definitively materials for tomorrow.

art du chanvre


Chenevotte shines through its heat/light reflection. It is the inside of the hemp stem, defibered and 70% of its structure is made of silica crystalline. A very mineral like vegetal body, which suits perfectly the building.

+ Very light, very insulating

+ Compaction resistant

+ Abundant, affordable and local


Lime is a binder that has been used for millenniums. Its mastery dates back to antiquity. It is a versatile material extends far beyond construction. Lime cleanses stabilizes and keeps materials from deteriorating. It is a natural glue coming from limestone's baking. It is used as much in mortar fabrication as in decorative effects preparation.

+ Antiseptic and antifungal

+ Breathable

+ Abundant, affordable and local


Local sand, quartz, marble or rock powders are the basis of finishing coatings and natural mortars. Sans is a key ingredient for construction; it is a mass that stabilizes temperature.

+ Very heavy, strong thermal inertia

+ Stable and inert

+ Abundant, affordable and local


Undeniably the most utilized material in the history of mankind. The most ecological of all. It is a binder present everywhere, used as it is, without transformation.

+ Ionizing

+ Sanitizing

+ Abundant, affordable and local